2020 will be remembered as the year no one could have ever expected. A global-wide pandemic created a massive disconnect due to the lockdown that emerged, forcing everyone to stay within their homes until it was safe to exit. Almost every business, school, shop, and everything in between suffered negatively by it. This article written for EdSurge discusses how classrooms were affected by this pandemic, resulting in a shift to online learning which was never before designed or planned. This last-minute solution has now been in the works for a full school year for teachers and students.

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Platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet were never designed for schooling, and there is potential to improve these platforms to become better suited for remote learning. Michael Chasen, founder of Class Technologies, developed his learning infrastructure through Zoom. He says that he and his colleagues took feedback from educators and directly incorporated it into the platform. Some of the features that are being developed are attendance tracking, a seating chart, a podium space for the speaker, and a one-on-one session between student and teacher.

Chasen isn’t the only one building a program that caters to online learning. Various other platforms such as Google Meet, ClassIn, Discord, Engageli are just a few of the many options from which to pick. As more and more platforms emerge for learning online, it is important to pick which program is best tailored for the classroom.

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This post was written by Bhavya Lamba