An article in EdSurge discusses several pandemic-related changes within education that may be worth continuing beyond the pandemic. The first idea is that students need not be physically present to be able to attend class. Indeed, remote learning was welcomed by some students, who preferred to learn from home. The article in particular discusses students of colour who may not feel welcome at their school due to past bullying, and would rather learn from the safety of their homes. 

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The second idea is that education workers in non-teaching roles can undertake a more diverse set of roles. For example, some bus drivers are now delivering meals and technology to students, and creating more of a connection with the students and their families. This too may be an important change that could outlast the pandemic, as it creates a sense of belonging and mutual contributions within a community. Educators are encouraged to think outside the box in implementing tools to further support and empower students.

The final idea is that more guidance is needed from the federal government on important decisions like how to reopen schools in a safe and consistent manner. Leaving these decisions to each individual school district is not the way to approach this task. It is argued that strong governmental leadership will continue to be necessary when schools are officially back to ‘normal’.

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This post was written by Bhavya Lamba