The Toronto Star reports on Mitzie Hunter, Ontario’s new Education Minister, who states that the needs of special education and at-risk students are a top priority in Ontario’s education system.

Hunter states that achievement for all students is crucial, including students who require special services, First Nations students, and students in youth care or hospital facilities. Hunter draws on her own experiences working in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding as she speaks. She wants the community to support children in multiple aspects including physical health as well as mental health. Ontario schools are beginning to understand the effects of mental health on student performance, but more still must be done. Hunter also states that she will look into funding for special education in response to complaints that such funding is inadequate. She believes special education “is an area we’re focused on, and making sure that all students in our school system have the supports they need to succeed.”

Since being elected in mid-June 2016, Hunter has pledged $1.1 billion for upgrading schools across the province. According to an Ontario News Release on August 29, 2016, updates for Ontario schools include new windows, roofs, and heating and cooling systems. These updates are all part of the government’s economic plan to create jobs and grow the economy.  Building better schools means better access to quality education for primary, secondary, and post-secondary level.

Ultimately, Hunter’s goal is simple yet strong – student success. Hunter states that Ontario’s system of education is a good one, and she wants to continue to foster its excellence through collaboration and growth.

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This post was written by Madeleine De Welles