College Board is withholding SAT scores for some Chinese and also South Korean SAT test-takers this year, according to the New York Times, due to concerns about “organizations that seek to illegally obtain test materials for their own profit, to the ultimate detriment of all students.” Students have become anxious as the announcement of the withholding came right before the early application deadline for quite a number of US colleges and universities. Some students have been relying on this round’s score in hopes to improve their applications as well as the time it takes to improve their English. Some parents feel that it is not fair for the administrators to hold the entire nation account for cheating as it was likely that only a small group of students have cheated on the test.

In previous years there have been allegations of suspected cheating in Asia and administering SAT in several regions of China have halted since then. In 2007, 900 SAT scores were voided from South Korea. In 2013, the administrators cancelled the SAT exam in South Korea due to tips on a widespread cheating accusations.

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